Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homemade Peppermint Mocha Creamer

I hung out with some friends last weekend and they offered me some Peppermint Mocha Creamer for my coffee. I loved it! When I got home, I got to thinking about it and wondered if I could make it homemade.  The recipe below is what I came up with.

Because I usually just use half and half in my coffee, this seems so decadent to me. And what a great treat for Christmas. I served a cup of coffee to my neighbor yesterday and she really liked it too. Now I’m thinking that I would like to try to make other flavors!

Peppermint Mocha Creamer

1 ¾ cup milk
1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
½ tsp. peppermint extract

Measure milk into a quart sized Mason jar. Microwave the milk on high for 90 seconds. Add cocoa powder, cover jar and shake to dissolve. Add the sweetened condensed milk and peppermint extract. Cover and shake to combine. Store in the refrigerator and shake before serving with coffee.

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  1. I found your blog through a mutual friend, Shannon Poe. Anyway, there a blog called Deliciously Organic and she has lots of make your own flavored coffee creamer recipes on there.


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